Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is KiddoHealth.in and how do I use it?

    KiddoHealth is an application that helps parents keep track of the vaccination needs of their children. It generated a vaccination calendar of the child once some basic data about the child is input on the system and thereby starts reminders by way of automated SMS on the registered mobile of the parent. These vaccination reminders are sent a day in advance of the vaccination due date. To use this service, one has to just register his mobile number on the website or the mobile app and then authenticate the number by way of OTP sent on that number.
  • Can I use this service for checking the vaccination due to my child ?

    Of course yes! No need to register if you do not want reminders by way of SMS and you can check the vaccination due dates simply by putting in the DOB of the child. Its like a calculator that does the calculation based on the DOB input. -Can I register more than one child on my id and can I register child in the family also ? . A maximum of 4 children can be registered on one mobile number and you can register somebody else’s child as well as others in the family on your mobile number.
  • How do I print my vaccination schedule .

    It can be printed by clicking on “print” against a child name under your login id. This print shows the due date of each vaccine of your child along with the date when the said vaccine was given. Needless to say, one has to update the date of vaccine when it has been given. This date can be updated by you or even by the Doctor/Hospital where the vaccination was given to the child.
  • Am I required to register my mobile number:

    This is needed so that the reminder SMS can be given for a vaccination due to the child on the said mobile number
  • What can I update on my profile?

    You can update your contact details and other information on your profile and upload the photo.
  • What should I do if I forget my password?

    In case you forget the mobile number, you need to input the DOB of the first child entered against the id, This will authenticate your credentials and you can then login to the account.