About Vaccination

About Us:

What is KiddoHealth.in:

KiddoHealth is an application that helps parents keep track of the vaccination needs of their children. It keeps a track of the same by giving scheduled reminders on the registered mobile number of the parents by way of SMS. These SMS are sent a day in advance of the due date of the vaccine . A vaccination calendar gets generated for each child registered on parent’s id. This keeps a parent free from keeping manual records of the vaccination records of one’s child that are hitherto being kept in the traditional system The child can be registered either by the parent, doctor or the hospital and record updated at any end gets updated on the registered id of the user . Thus, Vaccination records are Digitised.

How do Parents get benefitted?:

They get benefitted as they get scheduled reminders on the due dates of vaccines due to the registered child on their id. The benefit is seen when the complete records of the due dates and the dates when the vaccines were provided are available on their mobile phones.

It thus helps a parent by reminding him of the various dates when he has to visit a paediatrician or a health centre to administer the vaccines to the kiddo.

Child Vaccination Schedule:

Enter DOB of the child anytime and get a schedule of the various vaccines along with the dates when they fall due. The vaccination schedule so generated is as per the latest IAP recommendations.