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KiddoHealth – Vaccination Records Digitised

KiddoHealth is an application on Child Vaccination in India that help parents keep track of the vaccination needs of their children .A parent has to register the child on the Mobile APP or the web application of KiddoHealth and a vaccination calendar gets generated for that child.
Scheduled reminders for vaccines due are sent on the registered mobile number of the parent by way of SMS. These SMS are sent a day in advance of the due date of the vaccine.
The child can be registered either by the parent, doctor or the hospital and vaccination record updated at any end gets updated on the registered id of the parent . Vaccination records are thereby digitized making a parent free from keeping manual vaccination records of the child .

Parents get benefited:
They get scheduled reminders on the due dates of vaccines due to the child registered on their id. The benefit is seen when the complete records of the due dates and the dates when the vaccines were given are available on their mobile phones.
It thus helps a parent by reminding him of the various dates when he has to visit a paediatrician or a health centre to administer the vaccines to the kiddo. The vaccines to be provided to the child are shown by due dates as well as by the vaccine names.

Vaccination Records Digitised:
Say goodbye to the hitherto issued manual chart of your kiddos vaccination , maintain them digitally on kiddohealth. Update the dates when vaccines were given and the same are available as and when needed in future.

Child records digitized:
Maintain the birth record of your child by completing the profile details like time of birth, blood group of the child, weight at the time of birth. Update his/her photo and update the records of his/her parents like their DOB, name and blood group.

To Vaccinate

Get your account registered and see child details with due dates of vaccination. Get scheduled reminders when a vaccine gets due



Enter DOB of your child and get a schedule of vaccines with their due dates.

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Digital Cards

Get the Digital card like any other smart card and have the vaccination info ready any time anywhere.

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Child Health
Check up cards

With the information collected on School Health checkup camps digitised.

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